No Service Fees – No Surprises

Service Fees Shock

Is this you when you arrive at the checkout?

You want to buy tickets for an event, a trip on a plane or cruise, you carefully select the date that suits you, you shop around for the best price, go back to the cheapest site, proceed to the checkout and only then do you find the price inflated with all sorts of additional charges.  You have spent lots of time already, you then rationalise by thinking “well they’re probably all the same” so you go ahead and buy, but it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, you feel ripped off.

Being new to the event ticket industry, we have tried many ideas to attract customers who are looking to buy tickets to a sporting event, a concert or a show.

One of the methods common to the industry is the use of promo codes which give a discount in the checkout.  Although widely used, we often wondered, why not just reduce the price?  But we were assured that this is the way to go and so we introduced the “Subscriber Discount Code” to reward customers who chose to join our Newsletter.

We can only say that the response was underwhelming.  For the people who did subscribe during the promotion period, we thank you, but overall, it didn’t work, even though the discount offered was substantial, it had no effect on sales.

Those of you who are regular buyers of event tickets would be familiar with pricing discounts on the ticket price so it looks good when comparing prices with the price offered on competing sites, then you go to the checkout to find there is a Service Fee which can be substantial.  The good price you found just evaporated and it’s hard to compare prices when you have to go through the checkout to find out how much you really have to pay.

So we decided to abandon all Promo Codes, eliminate the Service Fees and just show a fair price for the ticket you require.  This way there are no nasty surprises in the checkout, no Promo Codes to remember, the price you see on the ticket page is the price you pay in the checkout.  Unlike Promo Codes, this new arrangement gives you permanently low pricing on all tickets to Concerts, Shows, Sports and all other events listed on our site.

We decided on this because we get upset when we arrive at a checkout, only to find there are all sorts of extras, airlines are probably the best (or worst) example of this, it’s getting to the stage where you will have to tick a box and pay extra if you think you might have to use the toilet onboard.  Ticket sites have Service Fees, restaurants have tips and taxes, retail shops add taxes to the marked price and there are many other examples of what could be called misleading pricing.

We think the ticket price you see is the ticket price you should pay when you get to the checkout.

What do you think?  We would be interested to read any comments you may like to make.

Have a look at our pricing, compare it with the checkout price on other sites, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices offered. Why pay more when you have this alternative?

Click here, give it a try and have a drink on us with the money you save.

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